Newington, NH, April 16, 2015 – When Gary Johnson Newington NH began working in the real estate development business over twenty years ago, and enjoys being his own boss and running his own business. After gaining knowledge and experience in construction, financing, taxation and real estate, Gary Johnson Newington NH set out to own his own business and soon became the owner of Fox Point Realty in Newington, New Hampshire. As of 2015, Gary Johnson, Newington NH company has been in successful operation for 20 years. Owning your own business can be great. It takes a lot of work and there are times it can be stressful, but the benefits are many, and it feels good to do well for yourself and others, says Gary Johnson Newington NH.

The continual success of his business has helped him help others in a variety of ways. He regularly donates to local charities and is a regular volunteer and event participant. With over two decades of experience in the real estate development industry, it comes as no surprise that Gary Johnson Newington NH would own both commercial and residential rental properties.

The company also specializes in residential development and commercial property development. Gary Johnson Newington NH is also experienced in the development, finance, and lease of commercial and residential real estate. As an act of charity, Gary Johnson Newington NH decided to help others like himself who are eager to create a thriving business.

He is now a volunteer mentor for small business owners and start-up businesses. His goal as a business mentor is to help more start-up businesses last beyond the first critical five years. He hopes that the start-up businesses in and around his community will strengthen the local and state economy. Gary Johnson Newington NH is celebrating a thriving 20 years of business. He continues to lead his company and give back to his community. Gary Johnson Newington NH donates to many local organizations including Big Brothers, SPCA, and Jaydens Ladder.

He believes it is a gift to own a successful business and wants to share his gifts, talents, and abilities. Gary Johnson Newington NH can be seen participating in a number of charity events and helping out with local fundraisers.
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Lisa Spears
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Newington, NH